On our journey to find out how upcoming House music producers may take advantage of SABC’s quota and get their music played on radio stations, we keep learning. ZuluMafia expanded this topic on his interview, where he talks creating demand for your music to be on radio.

Last week, Cubique DJ advised music makers to collaborate with other artists and give their music out to create demand. Sowetan’s Simphiwe Nhlapo, aka ZuluMafia, also stated this, elaborating further. He mentioned he shares his music through phones with school kids who can’t get into clubs because of age, with people who aren’t familiar with online music stores, his friends and DJ’s. This way, if his music is accepted on the ‘streets’, it might influence those who’ve heard the song to request it on radio and eventually getting airplay.

Regarding radio stations’ compilers, ZuluMafia thinks they sort of don’t trust South African talent, the cause may be how music is presented to them. He therefore emphasised producers must submit physical demos with high quality sound recording, the printing on discs and artwork covers to be professional, and insisted on giving in radio versions, which are no longer than 5 minutes.

He went on to make a serious joke, saying there are millions of songs out there and millions of them are bad, adding to compilers’ headaches.

ZuluMafia also spoke of how he invests time in his production skills, trying different sounds and imitating other artists to finally find his sound. From this statement, he advised music makers to understand House music’s roots hoping they’ll get better at what they do and maybe compilers’ job will be easier.

From our short interview, ZuluMafia showed he comprehends how getting music on radio contributes to Mzansi’s economical growth.

Watch ZuluMafia Talks Creating Demand For Music To Be On Radio interview below and comment with your views. We’d like to know what you think.