I have been surprised a few times of late when it comes to the quality of music that is distributed from our shores and the artistry behind that music. We have been blessed with astonishing talents from the likes of DJ SGZ, DeepHoodSoul’s soulful productions and Tekniq to name a few. Came across Zulutribe in my journeys of music discovery and to say the least, I am impressed.

Hailing from the Gqoom capital, Durban,  Zulutribe is a DJ/Producer who has sunk his teeth in the Deep House space as both DJ and producer. He is a partner/label owner of One Big Family Records, a marketing scholar and a talent of note. His collaboration on ‘I’ll Do Much Better’ with US-based vocalist/songwriter Darian Crouse is hailed as a result of hard work from both parties, committed to doing better by releasing good music, doing good as a person and being overall good at all you set your mind on. Well, I am sold on the good music part.

‘I’ll Do Much Better’ is a soulful composition laced with groove and spunk. The lead bass guitar gives the track club appeal, borrowing well from House music’s ancestor, Disco. There’s the effervescent piano key, moody and mellow organ, some laid back strings and overall good composition. Zulutribe states on his social media profiles that he has decided to embrace Deep House as a DJ in the year 2017, which makes it clear where the influence for I’ll Do Much Better is inherited from.

Whether this is a new fascination with the genre or that Zulutribe is becoming of age as a full on musician we will see as time progresses. The quality of ‘musicmanship’ that is thrown into this project is impressive. Will be keeping my eyes on him for more surprises.

While I sit here in awe, go grab yourself a copy or stream from your favourite service. Happy listening. You can also submit your music for review at info@funsion.co.za

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