This one hour set of Bobo playing at Corner 537’s Diesel Party is full of solid, juicy and raunchy international and local House music songs. Die hard fans of Deep House and Deep Tech will love it, no doubt.

People of the zodiac star sign, Aries, are said to be “imaginative”, “challenging” and “very adaptable”. Born on 8 April, an Aries, Bobo Ntuli carries these distinguishing qualities, behind the decks.

During Soweto’s golden era (about six years back), Bobo would be on HouseCatz, Thesis and JunkOnMe’s line-ups. Back then his sound of choice was ear friendly type of Deep House, i-style sabo-Mr V. Which was the norm.

As years went on, his sets contained techy tracks, a bit of Disco influence and with a little of darkness. They had sounds a few DJ’s dared to touch. The reason for his change in approach could be based on his influences or his character (stated above).

With a rich history of playing alongside Vinny Da Vinci, DJ ChinaClaude, The Rhythm Sessions and Clive Bean, any DJ like him willing to grow, would be propelled to be drawn to be imaginative, challenging and adaptable.

Watch or download his live set below playing at Corner 537’s Diesel Party hosted at Rockerfella. Notice the different sounds on it and how he is able to puppeteer his crowd.

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