Road accidents in South Africa during the festive season claim numerous lives. Families and friends lose their loved ones through fatal car accidents. So, the initiative by Distruction Boyz encouraging drivers to drive responsibly came at the right time.

EThekwini’s based duo, Distruction Boyz, don’t seem to only care about record sales and entertainment. The Gqom music producers began a challenge on social media encouraging road responsibility and safety.

The challenge, #ShowMeYourSafetyBeltChallenge, requires drivers and passengers to take pictures of themselves wearing safety belts. Facebook and Twitter users have been responding positively by posting these pics.

This year (2017) July, it was revealed by The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) “that 14 071 people died on South African roads” from January to December 2016. Most of these deaths, 77,5% of them, were caused by human factors like driving on a high speed, drunk driving and driver fatigue.

14 071 is a high number and should raise a great concern from all corners of South Africa.

Distruction Boyz have done their part by encouraging drivers to drive responsibly, not to drive when they’re drunk, always wear a safety belt and to get a sober driver.

Now, it’s up to each and everyone of us to practise safety on our roads, not only this festive season, but daily. Hopefully the number will decrease drastically.