The truth is, we all have goals and want to make it in life. Unfortunately, not all of us will make it, you may ask why. There are a lot of answers, but one of them would be because some are not willing to give it their all.

We found this answer from a dynamite lady DJ. She is always happy, smiling, full of life and recently did a powerful mix-tape for us; #funsionshow14 (have a listen). Nompumelelo ‘DJ MISFIT’ Phiri shared her ways of hustling and how she approaches life.


FUNSION: You’re always “super”, how do you do it?

DJ MISFIT: (Laughs) I love life, what I do, and I surround myself with people who are also positive. So, we brush each-other’s energies off one another. (Laughs)

FUNSION: How did it start? Did something happen?

DJ MISFIT: (Laughs) Sounds whack, but I’ve always been like that, since I was a child. I’ve always been a hyper active, bubbly child. I’ve always chosen to be happy. I’d be called an A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder) child in this day and age. (We all laugh)

FUNSION: True. How do you transfer that energy to ‘deejaying’?

DJ MISFIT: I play with my heart. (Smiles) I love to see other people happy or make them happy, and put them in my bubble of happiness. So, I share my love with them and transfer that energy through ‘deejaying’… Make their troubles go away for that hour and put them on a cloud nine flight. (Laughs)

FUNSION: Does that mean you play songs with a fast tempo?

DJ MISFIT: No, I also play slow tempo feel good music… but I will admit I love to make people dance, so fast tempo feel good music is my thing, too.

FUNSION: (Laughs) Do you dance while playing?

DJ MISFIT: Hell, YES! (Laughs) So, whoever says DJ’s can’t dance hasn’t met DJ MISFIT, clearly. (Laughs)


For DJ MISFIT, dancing while on the decks and counting, comes easily because she is a “woman” and she “can multitask,” as we were reminded with her laughter. She believes if a person loves music, dancing is one of the ways to show it and that’s what her fans love about her.


FUNSION: How do you know your fans? Hopefully, you aren’t talking about your mom and siblings, hey. (Laughs)

DJ MISFIT: (Laughs) No, but they are my fans, too. They’ve always known I would be good at ‘deejaying’ because I’ve always abnormally loved music. I have a following of people at places I’ve played at and every time I get feedback from the people at the venue I’m playing at they love the music I played and tell me they love that I enjoy my set, too.

FUNSION: How do you use that at your advantage?

DJ MISFIT: By enjoying each set and giving my listeners 100% of me each time with different songs, so they never know what to expect, but they know it will be good music.

FUNSION: How important is it to play different songs; to keep refreshing your music?

DJ MISFIT: It is very important, I always try educate people about music on my sets. There’s so much good music that people don’t know about, because DJ’s always play the same songs. So, I find people after my set asking me about several songs, like “Which song was that?” and “Who is the artist?” They end-up wanting to purchase whoever’s CD just to get those songs hashtag educate and I love that.

FUNSION: That’s a risk, though.

DJ MISFIT: Versatile is what it is. Good music is good music, it will make people dance and educate them at the same time.

FUNSION: Yeah, it’s a 50/50 thing and also depends on the type of audience you’re playing for.

DJ MISFIT: Definitely. Hence, I always get at a place 30 mins before I play my set to check the vibe and enjoy myself with the people.


We found her punctuality to be one in a trillion; DJ’s are not punctual. Well, most.

Most upcoming DJ’s struggle with getting gigs, but DJ MISFIT, real name Nompumelelo Phiri, has managed to share decks with FUNK DEEPSTAR, DJ CHRISTOS, to play at Ukhozi FM, Swazi Beach Party and at places like Chaf-Pozi (Soweto, Johannesburg). We wanted to know her working formula and what keeps her focused.


FUNSION: How do you get gigs?

DJ MISFIT: I hustle, hustle, hustle HARD! It isn’t easy for a female DJ, I have to hustle 600 times more than guys, because I love music I don’t and will never give-up… I do it myself; I go out there and hustle.

FUNSION: What is it that you actually do? How do you “hustle”?

DJ MISFIT: I go out and party, while partying I approach managers and DJ’s. I travel with my music and mixes to distribute to them… and every month I make mixes for different tastes and drop them off at Radio Park in JHB.

FUNSION: What the fuck?!

DJ MISFIT: (Laughs) Yup!

FUNSION: What would you say to them?

DJ MISFIT: I say, “Hi, I love what you guys play and I feel I can rock it, can you please take the time to listen to my mix and give me honest feedback?”

FUNSION: Surely they can’t say, “No” to you with your warm smile, where does this drive and passion come from?

DJ MISFIT: The love for music comes from my late father and the drive comes from my beautiful mother, who always has said to all her kids, “Do what you love and don’t give-up. If you’re happy, I’m happy you’re happy.” She has always believed in us and our success.


DJ MISFIT’s contacts:
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Facebook Page – DJ Misfit
Soundcloud – @djmisfit-3
Twitter – @djmisfit01