This year’s Lady Sakhe’s Deep Soul Sensation had the French fabled DJ Rocco as an international guest act. Watch him below as he controls his crowd’s emotions with a breathtaking set. Or, download his set available on video and audio.

“Over the years Rocco has developed a huge following in South Africa, where it is not rare to see him perform in stadiums in front of 30,000-strong crowds,” read the legends’ truthful biography.

His music has an unbreakable strong bond with our country’s House music fans.

For an example, think about ‘Memories’ featuring Marcel, released in August ten years ago. Hearing this song would probably take one to their first encounter with House. Another might remember ziwa-strong enkwarini (enjoying themselves at a party). Some would connect it with an unfortunate day they lost a loved one, like Rocco Rodamaal dedicated it to his mother.

Whatever relation a follower has with his music; sad or happy feelings, it created a connection, which is being passed on from friends and to families. Hence, clubs like Rockerfella get packed with a variety of age groups to hear such DJ’s / Producers play.

Ama-movements afana like Lady Sakhe’s Deep Soul Sensation are pushing to keep our culture alive. Making us remember where we come from and not to forget to spread our House music gospel.

And when DJ Rocco played, he did exactly that. The audience was taken aback to the early 2000’s and then to the current days. They raised their hands and Heinekens in appreciation, as he baptised them with valuable music.

Witness it for yourself by watching his video below. Else, download it or its audio using the below red buttons.

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Smooth. 😉

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