Counting beats and bars is part of what DJ’s do; as a DJ you must know how to count in order to mix properly or close to blending perfectly,at-least. You also have to understand phrases, which will help with avoiding clashing of vocals or music instruments. If this doesn’t make sense, don’t stress, watch DJ TLM as he shares knowledge on how to count music.

The video is part of DJ City’s educational series called Share The Knowledge. On it, different topics affecting DJ’s would be discussed, like DJ equipment, on this episode it was skill.

DJ TLM is a Hip Hop and R & B DJ, Turntablist and producer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. He does DJ tutorials on YouTube for his channel djTLMtv and DJCity. About eight thousand seven hundred and sixty nine (8 769) Facebook users like his page, by the time of this post.

On the video he expresses counting of beats and bars is currently being neglected when beginners learn how to mix. “And knowing how to count music, and more importantly knowing about beats, bars and phrases is so important,” he said. Comprehending and knowing this will “help you out tremendously to improve your overall DJ skills,” emphasised DJ TLM.

Watch the above video and take notes.