Domenic and Supreme Socialist members of Soweto’s Serenity Lounge Sessions serenaded the crowd of Life Muzik Picnic. Their Soulful House set is available for streaming and downloading.

Serenity Lounge Sessions is a musical subculture, which breaks upon barriers of your musical soul and understanding. This musical movement illuminates and represents vibrance and uniqueness amongst other musical subculture. Incorporating an ecliptic sound of genres such as Nujazz, Broken Beats, Deep House, Soulful and Jazzy House, and Lounge.

They comprises a collective of well renowned disc jockeys who have headed this movement and have managed to maintain and not compromise on this musical subculture’s standard. In short, the movement more than a sub culture, but more of a lifestyle where musical souls are emancipated by music. And by people who dance the dance of an abstract underground musical subculture. Just watch out for Serenity Lounge Sessions in your area, where creativity and abstract aspects of art and music dwells.

The crew consists of four members all from Soweto. Domenic, Sir Juice, Puna Deepsta and Supreme Socialist.

At Life Muzik Picnic, which took place at Isipingo’s Sapref Club House (KZN) on 26 December 2017, Domenic, Supreme Socialist and Puna Deepsta played.

On this video you’ll see Supreme Socialist and Domenic touching Life Muzik’s audience with Soulful House songs. These two DJ’s dished out music right for the set-up; a chilled and relaxing vibe.

Watch below or download its audio using the red button.

Download the audio of Serenity Lounge Sessions set here.
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