Euphonik’s single featuring Zandra released last month (September), It’s A Fine Day, is hot. Only a few would deny that, you know haters. Who cares what they think? Actually, nonke to them! (Laughs) Now, its wallpapers are available for free. We’ll tell you how to get them.

Themba Nkosi, DJ Euphonik’s real name, who recently moved to 94,7 from 5FM, announced on Twitter the wallpapers are “Back by popular demand!” by sharing the wallpapers picture. His summer jam is getting heavy rotation on most national radio stations (including 5FM) and on some few local ones. Obviously, some club DJ’s are rocking it and killing the dance floors.

The wallpapers are the single’s artwork without its text. They’re available FREE of charge, mahhala, and all platforms are provided for; iOS, Android, Windows, Tablet, Macbook, Laptop and Desktop.

Click here to get free Euphonik wallpapers.