It’s that time of the year where we party from sunup to sundown and Deep Obsession Recordings have taken up their place in the queue of potential summer hits with the latest by Ocean Deep.

If you haven’t heard Ocean Deep and Nubia Soul in their element, it is never too late, as we’re about to school you.

Ocean Deep is a group of talented DJ’s that have worked with and earned respect from international players Oscar P, Rocco and Davidson Ospina. They have also worked with Open Bar Music NYC and Azucar Distributions to name a few.

Nubia Soul, on the other hand, commands her own respect too. She is behind the 2015 hit single Back to Love, feat. Ocean Deep. Through sheer dedication she has managed to grow as a brand and powerhouse vocalist, releasing yet another scorcher feat. prolific hip-hop artists turned TV exec. Proverb titled Rain Drops, branding her name as house music’s new kid on the block.

With the release of Mend my Heart, Nubia Soul delivers yet another tasteful vocal delivery. Bordering on poetry and spoken word, the melody is catchy and surreal. The aim was to take one on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Ocean Deep add polyphonic synths, on a major key scale which gives the track a happy feeling. The baseline is grungy with an old-school inspired drum-loop serenaded by open hi-hats and airy effects.

This two-track single closes off with the Mend my Heart (Instrumental Piano Mix). The mix is stripped off the vocals, letting you into their groups’ state of mind when they made this tune. The arrangement and composition are laid bare for you to hear and feel the emotions behind the production. The piano bridge is full of spunk and charisma. Wait for it, and you will thank me later!!

Overall, a super dope track for warm up and mainstream sets. You are, if not already, going to hear this track in many DJ sets this summer. The good thing is you don’t have to wait for DJ’s to add it to their sets. Go ahead and grab your copy or stream from your favorite retailer or streaming service.

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