Gogo Music’s weapon of House music evolution, Sir LSG, is about to unleash a storm upon us, with the hit Circles feat. Clara Hill on vocals. The single comes with a remix from established German born House music legend, Ralf Gum.

Sir LSG’s releases showcase a hardened student of the industry. Having been part of Hood Natives, as one-third member, his skills on the keys and mixing boards shine with each project. His previous release ‘Sand Castle’ featuring Ayanda Jiya still enjoys rotation on radio, TV and a feature in many DJ sets, garnering more respect and attention for this talented soul.

‘Circles (Sir LSG Main Mix)’ is pacy, with some soulful humming vocals accompanying the percussion, giving the track an ambiance. Sir LSG drops a polyphonic pad solo that will sure give your heart palpitations. He adds a Rhodes, calculated and precise atop the bass and drum loop with Clara Hill’s vocals serenading the joint superbly. This track is well arranged, with every section in the House music production book well catered for. Ivutha amalangabi! (It’s Hot!)

The GoGo Music A&R team were courteous to also accompany Sir LSG’s Main Mix with an instrumental, giving the track a different perspective. You get an aerial overview of the instrumentation, the scientific and calculated approach that Sir LSG effortlessly laid down on it.

Ralf Gum’s Dark Circle Remix is deep and dark. He employs a sound similar to the Australian native Didgeridoo that partners well with the baseline, the Afro-infused percussion, and bells. You will also hear random percussion rolls along the way, some strings and vox play that maintain the deepness and mystic aura it presents. This track also comes with an instrumental.

Closing off the track-list is Sir LSG’s Radio Edit. It’s a shorter chopped version of the Main Mix made for the airwaves. You know mos, you need radio airplay to make that money longer.

Will be waiting with baited breath for Sir LSG’s album release as one can conclude from these few releases that he is cooking up a storm indeed. Grab yourself ‘Circles’ from Traxsource this Friday and dance the winter blues away.