A couple of weeks back, we had the pleasure of reviewing this hugely successful single by Sun-El Musician, feat. Samthing Soweto, Akanamali. A few months, about two to be precise, down the line, the song is a huge success. From Botswana to Zim and all over Africa, Sun-El’s gospel infused production is plaid at weddings, graduation parties and pretty much everywhere people converge to have a great time. His fans are sharing personal videos of themselves singing along or dancing to this track on his timeline.

Of recent, Uprooted Media, one of South Africa’s trail blazing video production houses, with Sun-El Musician and Samthing Soweto worked on and released the much-anticipated video.

It kicks off with a love story of two seemingly teenagers, eloping to the city. The ambience is romantic and dreamy. What I like about this act is that its innocent. It’s a great start to a somehow bumpy/elaborate depiction of what society has become.

The video then moves on to a more material story, with another young women bored of her parents intervention in her life. She is then picked up by a guy driving a Golf 6 GTI much to her mother’s displeasure. Though he got a Vrr Pha, his house is empty shem. It’s a story I have heard much too often but well, this story is about the video (Ehm!).

Material connotations are used to further narrate the money aspect of the song, as the third and last scene is set in a club. It’s all pop-bottles and fun times until the bill needs to be settled. With egg on her face, the lady is portrayed in an embarrassed state. The last two scenes dive deep into the “Bathanda imali” narrative, completing the songs’ message entirely.

The video texture is warm and attentive. Closing off the concept is the entire cast in a studio dancing their troubles away. I always find it a tad bit tough to conceptualise video’s for songs with ambiguous meaning. How the listener interprets the song might not be how the producer/singer intends. But for Sun-El and Samthing Soweto, Akanamali’s video is a depiction of what a love story with materialistic friends can still be a success. Long as the parties involved are honest and treasure each other, bazo shada ngo December is waar!