A groetman can not have a birthday celebration without one of his peers or someone on par with his skills excluded from their line-up. That’s how Thami 537 fitted on Maze’s Time Traveller birthday gig. His set was the perfect piece of the puzzle.

Mr Pain, DJ Maze or Maze as he is popularly known, celebrated his birthday at Dobsonville’s Disoufeng Pub on 20 January 2018. In the Mzansi’s House music scene, from KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo and to Gauteng, Mr Pain is highly respected for his precise mixing, unique Deep House song selections and thinking ahead. His sharp skill on the decks stems from ama-groetman like DJ Mostumi, who would cut-off a DJ’s set, if edlala amahhashi.

Grand sharp, uMaze i-groetman. 🙂

When it comes to coordinating events, DJ Maze is part of Deep House Soweto Festival and is the brains behind DeepTechishi. The latter became popular for introducing Deep Tech ekasi. Most DJ’s and fans hadn’t accepted this sound, he soldiered on regardless. These gigs were and are different, from their abstract flyers to the line-up and crowd (consisting a mixture of coloureds, blacks and whites).

On the Time Traveller’s night the reception was nothing less than awesomeness.

Shervaan Bergsteedt, JA Levieux and Cid Surco, SoulCentric and Tiko (on percussion), Siso K and Thami 537 were playing.

Thami, from Soweto’s Dube, is, like Maze, a DJ and Event Organiser. Ama-gig akhe are an opportunistic platform for the youth to show-off their talent. The sound you’d hear at his events is similar to music made by Baaz, Ron Trent, NU and Trickski, to give an idea. The deep with a lot of keys and groove.

These guys came-up during an era where mistakes on the decks weren’t highly accepted. Their mixing had to be perfect. To this day, it’s still is.

Watch Thami 537 live below or download his set’s audio using our red button.

Download the audio part of the set by Thami 537 here.
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