For four years DJ Mbuso has not released a CD or EP, his last release was Phezulu Selections Vol. 3, which he compiled with Jerah. When we heard the news of Phezulu Selections 4 dropping, we were excited. We were fortunate and are grateful to have this interview about it, and for him to talk with us on his future plans.

The cool legendary Mbuso Tulwana has contributed greatly in South Africa’s music industry, many think his work has been towards House music, only. DJ Mbuso has discovered Hip Hop artists, worked with Kwaito stakeholders and projects, helped establish record labels and sounds. All of which will be out on a documentary or film, soon.

Now, back to Phezulu Selections 4. This compilation has music by Enoo Napa, House Victimz, Soulem, Tobesta Lamola, DJ Noster, Divided Souls, Cocoa Nela and himself. All its songs come with a different sound and style. The signature represents Mzansi’s dance culture.

Regarding the change in sound, DJ Mbuso said for him “House music went a bit dead or too monotonous, let me not say dead, but too monotonous.” He elaborated explaining people were and still are doing popular or common sounds. The past four years has allowed him to put his “ear more on the ground” to find artists who’re unique. Hence, these chosen songs.

‘Phezulu Selections 4’ will have a follow-up, Phezulu Selectons 4.1, it’ll have remixes of the current release. Each artist will remix another’s song.

You can get the album at Musica and all other major music shops. Its official promotion will start in Cape Town, followed by a Soweto tour.

Follow DJ Mbuso on Twitter, @DjMbuso1, to get updates of his upcoming gigs and more information related to his work.