The Social Market had their gig on the first Sunday of this month (07 August) at 012 Central, Tshwane, DJ Zethu was scheduled to play at this well attended event. We got a chance to know more about her upcoming charity picnic and her views on women’s role in the South African House music scene.

From a young age DJ Zethu has always had this burning desire to be part of Mzansi’s music industry, but her parents wouldn’t permit her to follow her passion. We all know baby boomers still believe in ‘safe’ careers; being a doctor, engineer, teacher, you know those jobs you may get through academical qualifications. So, she did her thing, hit the books and got her qualification. That inner voice kept whispering to her heart until she took heed because she wasn’t happy. “My family didn’t really want me to get into it,” she explained while talking about her background. “The reason why I started ‘deejaying’, neh, I wasn’t happy,” she said. Through her unhappiness she began being “rebellious”, started practising and got playing slots at The Socials (Monthly JHB events), “I’m still into corporate, but my life is in music,” she said excitedly.

Zethu Charity Picnic, her charity event, will happen on the 1st of October 2016, that’s a Saturday, at Eastlynne Rugby Field, Tshwane (Pretoria), from 12 pm. She aims to get blankets to give to those who are in need, like people who stay on the streets or who’re homeless, she has bought some blankets and hoping to get more through this picnic, an entrance fee is a blanket (Bringing a blanket is compulsory). This will be an annual event, where all ages are welcomed and entertainment will be provided from Hip Hop to House music.

When it comes to SA’s House music scene, she believes women are being looked down upon because there’s a stigma, “Ah, no, she’s a girl,” she imitated men. “Stop this stigma; females can’t do this, why? What are you scared of?” she asked.

Watch the interview and hear everything from the horse’s mouth.