After watching DJ Cleo revealing his step-by-step process of how he made Yile Gqom, you will definitely think it’s easy to make a hit song. Watch and notice how inspired you will be.

DJ Cleo has been releasing music, to be downloaded for free, via his website. One of those songs it’s ‘Yile Gqom’, featuring Winnie Khumalo. Le-namba ihlanyisa abantu, blind! (Drives people crazy!)

I was at some club in Alex not long ago and the DJ played it, yo! That dance floor got swamped by people, like whoosh! Yagcwala.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand. Now, DJ Cleo has released a one minute video showing a step-by-step process of how he made his hit. I know some of you producers will appreciate it and you’ll be convinced making a hit is easy, man.

The first thing our legendary DJ Cleo did was to program a hard kick drum. I’m sure you can do that, that’s nothing, ubala.

“Then I had three snare drums,” he says. Yabona ke there, you’ll ‘see yourself’. (Laughs)

Just watch the full video below of DJ Cleo showing you how it’s done. If you can copy this process and add your signature or style, you’ll be close to being another hit maker. 🙂